Our Commitment to Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide

Currently, some 92% of Americans—nearly 300 million people—have not served in our nation’s military, and do not have regular contact with those who do, or with veterans who have honorably completed service.


 This “military-civilian divide” has developed for several reasons. The longest war in our country’s history, and the disproportionate media coverage of the conflicts and the service members who are returning with disabilities, has resulted in an incorrect public perception that all veterans and their families are in crisis.


In fact, of the 22,000,000 U.S. veterans, 80% are as healthy, adjusted and employable, as other Americans, if not more so.


The incorrect public perception has a negative effect on all veterans and their families. Civilian hiring managers have become concerned that every veteran candidate suffers from post-traumatic stress. For those who are hired, employers that have little experience in employing people with military backgrounds do not know how to offer a culture in which the veteran’s strengths can shine.


The good news is, the “military-civilian divide” can be bridged.


OurVetSuccess is dedicated to building that bridge by rebranding America’s perception of veterans. Our organization’s leaders—veterans who have served in war time and non-veteran professionals with deep experience in the media—know that positive public awareness of veteran leadership in civilian life will enable faster solutions for those in need.


OurVetSuccess Mission is committed to:


1. Honoring service to country by revealing and communicating positive stories about veteran leadership in our communities and our nation.


2. Always seeking solutions for veterans and families in need, while focusing increased attention on the value of some 80% of veterans who leave military service without physical or mental impairment.


3. Effectively using traditional and digital media to present success stories that will increase awareness of the return on business and social investment, leading to wider acceptance of, and increased opportunities for, veterans and their families in their professional and personal lives.

OurVetSuccess was founded by veterans who are dedicated to revealing positive and inspirational stories about fellow veterans and military families whose civilian service to country and leadership in our communities and our nation, are leading to greater good for all Americans. Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved

Our Commitment to Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide

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Our Commitment to Bridging the Military-Civilian Divide